Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried? Essay

1006 Words May 20th, 2015 5 Pages
Should juvenile offenders be tried as adults? If a child is a juvenile offender for something real bad such as anything that has to do with murder, yes I believe they deserve to be tried as adults. Most kids who get involved in murders know exactly what they are doing. If the child who is a juvenile offender does something such as stealing, vandalizing, loitering, etc. Those kids should just be tried as juveniles instead of adults. My thoughts on juvenile offenders are being tried as adults is if they have done something bad enough to where the judge thinks he/she deserves to be tried as an adult, I believe they should so they can get bad people off the streets. A juvenile is a person under the age of 18. 27% of juveniles arrested who were under the age of 15. 96,000 of juveniles arrested for violent crimes, 2,111,200 is the number of juveniles arrested. Some kids believe they can get away with breaking the law without any harsh punishment. Kids who believe that are the ones who need to be tried as adults, those kids are the ones who are causing all the trouble because he/she can get away with some stuff without getting any harsh punishment. A 14 yr old boy by the name of tony hick shot and killed Tariq Khamisa thinking he would be able to get away with it because he is under the age of 18. When he went to court there was a new law which was an accused killer can be tried as an adult even under the age of 18. About 10% of all homicides are…

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