Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried As Adults Essay

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A hot topic that has been circulating in the United States is whether juvenile offenders should be punished and tried as adults. Juveniles were once tried as adults based on their age and seriousness of the crime. Juveniles were once called criminals until everything started to change. Juveniles and adults have their own and separate systems now. The high rates of poverty, neglect, and not enough parental control are some reasons why juveniles get into so much trouble. For many years now there has been a lot of people discussing if juvenile offenders should be tried as adults. There are people who think that juveniles are too young and should not be tried as adults, while others think that they should. Based on their age and severity of the …show more content…
A Developmental Perspective on Changing Legal Policies.” In this essay she talked about her perspective about what should happen to the juveniles. Steinberg believes that based on the safety for other juveniles and the age of the juveniles they should be tried as adults. “This is a national initiative examining how knowledge about adolescent development can inform policy-making and practice in the justice system” (Steinberg 1). In her opening paragraph she points out that examining the development of adolescents can help with the informing policy- making and this is really big and important because certain ages and how adolescents behavior are not all the same from a 7 year old to a 16 year old. Steinberg mentions in her paper that based on the severity of their crime or if they have a history of repeating the same crime over and over can cause harm, is not safe and can be a threat to for the other juveniles. “ The severity of their offense merits a relatively more severe punishment, or because their history of repeated offending bodes poorly for their ultimate rehabilitation” ( Steinberg 1). Based on the severity of their crime or the history that the juveniles have of repeating the same crime over and over should be tried as adults because they can learn a lesson and when they get out they will not do it again. Another point that she states,“ starts to become the rule rather than the …show more content…
Judge Thomas Edwards does not agree that juveniles do not have the maturity level as well someone compared to someone who is twenty four years old. Edwards believes that a juvenile should not be penalized as an adult, but there should look for another alternative for the juveniles, such a programs that will help change their behavior. Another judge, by the name LaDoris Cordell says that a 14 year old will do the same conduct as a 24 year old, but we need take a deep understanding why they did that. The reason why she says this is because life experiences may be different from others. Looking at this from both her view yes she is right nobody has the same life and things are different, but if a 14 year old commits the same crime as a 24 year old they should have harsh consequences. At fourteen the juvenile should understand about right from wrong . LaDoris said in her statement, “ We’re throwing these kids away” (para 5). The truth is we are not throwing these kids away but teaching them a lesson hoping they will not commit the same crime that they did when they were younger. Bridgett Jones says that the community needs to understand that a young person can change their life later on. Jones did not mention how sometimes that later on that they will not change their lives and will

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