Should Junk Food Be Allowed? Schools? Essay examples

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Should Junk Food be Allowed in Schools?
“America is facing a crisis because of eating habits. Six million adults are obese and three hundred thousand people die from obesity every year (Cody).” “There has been a sharp increase in the availability and consumption of junk food in recent years and this may have contributed to rising rates of obesity. Junk foods are defined as items that are high in energy content, fat, and/or sugar and low in nutrients.” From this, we gain that junk foods are not just foods full of sugar, and junk foods can be any foods that are bad for you. It can be anything from a piece of candy to processed food (such as canned food, ramen noodles, cookies, etc.).
Schools never think about the positive and negative effects of having junk food in schools. School representatives where [sic] asked to indicate whether they observe an increase in the number of students at their school (yes; no; I do not know) and whether they think that overweight is more prevalent at their school compared to the general population of children aged12–18 [sic] (yes; no; just as much). In addition, they were queried who they held responsible for the prevention of overweight among their students (school; parents; students themselves; government; no opinion; otherwise, namely…. (possible to indicate more answers) and whether they expect that their school will be pay[sic] more attention to overweight in the future ( yes, more attention; no, just as much attention; no, less…

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