Essay on Should It Be Banned From The Food Industry?

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Linh Luu
Should it be banned from the Food Industry?
For so long, our media figures were boosting and promoting the image of a true beauty is having an idea body with curve and long thin thigh. A lot of people, therefore, strive to have the perfect appearance by eating healthy food their whole life. They go to the gym and exercise, they avoid to use any product or substance that is bad for their body such as alcohol or cigarette and most of all, they try not to consume sugar and fat as much as possible. Nevertheless, with the development of the food industry, many food chains attract and most people do enjoy fatty foods, a fact that is evident from the success of the fast food industry. Today, several states and cities, most notably New York City, are trying to ban the use of Trans fats in restaurants.
These kinds of fats, which raise bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol, have the worst impact on human health of the different types of fats that we consume. I don’t argue that. But by banning trans fats, our government is destroying instead of protecting one of the fundamental principles: the freedom of choice. And the government is supposed to protect that principle.
A recent study shows that people simply prefer the taste of foods with trans fats in them over that of food with the more healthy type of fats. We should not force people eating out to have no choice but to eat something that they find less appetizing just because it is unhealthy for them. A person’s…

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