Should International Adoption Be Part Of Humanitarian Aid Efforts? Lessons From Haiti

1079 Words Mar 17th, 2015 null Page
An article written by Maureen Kelley called “Should International Adoption Be Part Of Humanitarian Aid Efforts? Lessons From Haiti,” discusses the problems, concerns, and solutions of international adoption. It narrows down on children and families that have been affected by natural disasters. Another article written by Leslie Doty Hollingswood, called “International Adoption Among Families in the United States: Considerations of Social Justice,” also focuses on international adoption. In this paper, I will be presenting research that they both have found and arguments that they make against their findings. International adoption can be very beneficial for children affected by natural disasters. If they are not able to be with their families in the end, being put up for adoption in order to have foster parents that can provide for them can be the best option. This way, they are able to live with the basic essentials that they need and potentially have a better future for themselves. According to Kelley’s findings, an important factor for a child that is affected by a disaster is that they should be raised and nurtured by parents in order to have a healthy development (Kelley, pg. 373). This is a great point because having parental figures to guide and take care of them will definitely make them feel better and possibly more comfortable with themselves. The sense of shock and abandonment they must feel could overwhelm them so having people who are there for them, will make…

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