Should India Be A Peaceful Country Without Weapons Capable Of Using Lethal Force?

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After reviewing the Constitution, I would like to propose a few changes that should be made to better the future of India. These changes apply to the War Department, and how we should deal with nationwide protection, crime and security. I along with many of the people in India do not approve of having a War Department that has tanks, air planes, or any other type of deadly weapons. We believe we should keep India a peaceful country without having weapons capable of using lethal force. I would like to propose to have a violence free India because I feel this would keep India safer and keep the people of India happier. “I believe that non-violence is infinitely superior to violence, forgiveness is more manly then punishment” (Doctrine of the Sword, Gandhi) Myself and the majority of India are all Hindus and with that we are against using any violence at all. Being believers in the Gita prevents us from using violence to solve our problems because if we do we will lose all of our dignity in being Hindus and can’t really call ourselves true Hindus. Instead we choose to use nonviolent methods to solve our problems like strikes and protests. Using these nonviolent methods, we can solve our problems without anyone getting physically hurt. I think many Hindus will agree with me that the War Department in the constitution needs to be changed from having a huge nationwide military to instead having a small police force for each town. The police force is not religion based and allows…

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