Should Immigration Be Legalized? Essay

944 Words Dec 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Immigration has been around for decades. The United States is filled with individuals from different parts of the world. Whether they are legal or illegal, this country has become a home for many different cultures. People from other countries have always migrated to the U.S. for a better life. For many years, illegal immigration has been an issue to this nation and the government has not taken many actions toward this situation. Although recently the question whether or not immigrants should be legalized or not has risen in our nation. For example, should congress pass the Immigration Reform. I do understand why some people would not want to legalize immigrants, but personally I believe they should be. Our nation is known for freedom therefore, we should help those who want to be a part of it and they could help us improve as well.
Now let me clarify I do believe that not all immigrants should be granted the chance to become legalized, there should be some standards that should be met if they want to become citizens of the United States for security reasons. For instance, if the immigrant has committed a felony in the past they should definitely not be able to become a citizen. However, immigrants that have families to support should gain the opportunity, as well as those individuals that have children whom were born in the United States. Families should not be separated, especially if they have settled in and are making efforts in life. Like President Barack Obama said,…

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