Should Immigration Be Allowed Or Not? Essay

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Immigration is becoming a wildly popular topic among Americans, deciding whether is should be allowed or not. The court has tried to deal with the case many times, never coming to a close. People have brought up the topics of the economy, employment, military benefits, equality and more. The legislative section of congress had a debate over the immigration reform. A focal point was to decide whether or not they should create a better path to legal status for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants. The act of legalization is a humanitarian act, but also it is a form of economic stimulus ("An Immigration Stimulus: The Economic Benefits of a Legalization Program"). Economic stimulus is the use of a fiscal policy to help a struggling economy. Currently, there are 11 million immigrants spread through the U.S. waiting to act upon gaining citizenship. Citizenship has enlarged in amounts throughout the years, but not all of the immigrants have chosen to receive it yet, also it 's a very long process which at the end they could be denied anyway. In 2013, a poll was taken to have a view on Americans’ beliefs on immigration. According to the poll, 71% of Americans feel that immigrants should be allowed to stay in America ("Most Say Illegal Immigrants Should Be Allowed to Stay, But Citizenship Is More Divisive"). Although the United States government is on the verge of denying illegal immigrants full rights, many believe that the country should not tighten the border and…

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