Should Immigrants Be Deported? Essay

1363 Words May 20th, 2016 6 Pages
They should be separated so the one’s that aren’t criminals can have a better life in America. There are some immigrants that get deported because they might be taking drugs or things that are legal to be entered in other countries trying to sell or make business to other people. Also, immigrants get deported because they do not have papers to be able to cross the border. The people that do not have papers are not allowed to leave their country because leaving their country without papers might get into serious problems like for example getting separated from their families. Immigrants that want a better life and try to cross the border then they might get separated from their families. One of my aunt’s brother in law was getting ready to cross the border in the middle of the night and when he was ready, he went on top of a van and the Coyote (that’s how you call it when someone takes you to the border and helps the immigrants how to escape or cross the border), took Carlos to the border where some immigrants were waiting for him to cross the border. Once when the immigrants were crossing the border, the border patrol was coming and the immigrants were really fast on digging a hole after they were done they had the time to escape from the border patrol but when Carlos was trying to go through the hole, the border patrol got him and took him back to The Border Patrol Jail that’s where the border patrol kept Carlos for a few days until he was free. When Carlos was free from…

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