Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Stay In America

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Mikayla Dobson
Mr. O’neil
CPA U.S. Government
3 December 2014
Illegal Immigration Many people have different opinions about illegal immigrants and how they affect American society today. Citizens argue that “This is America we are the country of freedom, let them stay”. While others insist that illegal immigrants are breaking international and federal laws. But should illegal immigrants be allowed to stay in America? The answer is yes, America should have amnesty. Immigrants are growing in number and growing in political power, and the price of inaction and the cost of mass deportation would be wasteful when they are not harming our country. Immigrants are not harming our country, they’re just trying to live. And they’re growing in numbers as well. Latinos and Asian Americans comprise a
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millions. The House of Representatives fails to pass immigration reform which costs the United States $37 million in missed tax revenue. As of October 2014, the House’s inaction has cost more than $17.7 billion (Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed to Stay in America). Also, the United States now spends $3.5 billion more on immigration and border enforcement. A total of nearly $18 billion per year than it does on all other federal law enforcement combined. The House of Representatives also think it’s a smart idea for immigrants to “self-deport”, but a self-deportation rule would cost our economy trillions of dollars (Immigration Statistics Fast Facts). If all undocumented immigrants in the country “self-deported meaning they choose to leave the country because “life is too difficult” or they even just chose to deport, the United States’ cumulative GDP (Gross Domestic Product) would suffer a hit of $2.6 trillion over 10 years. Concluding this, Deporting the entire undocumented population would cost $285 billion over a five-year period, including continued border and interior enforcement

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