Should Immigrants Be Allowed To Stay Essay

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Because of dangerous situations occuring all around the world in different countries, there are many men, women, and children crossing over into the United States. The USA now has millions of immigrants. The problem? Too many illegal immigrants. On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn in as our 45th President. Since then, he has been trying to take a stance on illegal immigration, especially over the ones who deal drugs, are in gangs, have a criminal record, or pose a threat to American citizens. He has been receiving serious backlash from many people about this issue. Should immigrants be allowed to stay? On February 16, 2017, the same day the article was written, a demonstration was held nationwide. The people called it, "Day Without Immigrants." …show more content…
On the one hand, you have people who want to come to the United States to make a better life for their family. On the other hand, you have others who came here legally. They filled out necessary paper work, waited their turn, and entered the legal way. Another issue from those opposed is that immigrants are getting free educations, hand-outs, and are taking all the jobs. And because this has been happening for so long, others think it's alright that they do the same. All in all, it is the legislative branch that makes the laws regarding immigration. The whole purpose of this strike was to get a message to the President that legal and illegal immigrants should be able to stay in the country. It seems like the Democrats are more for it, while the Republicans are leaning more against it. President Trump is trying to look out for the country he is now in total control of. This is a very difficult situation. A tremendous amount of illegals have come to the U.S.A and have had children thinking that would secure their place here. Above all, nobody wants to see a family be torn

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