Should Immigrants Adopt Culture Essay

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Should immigrants adopt American culture? Whether or not immigrants should adopt all aspects of American culture completely by assimilating from their own culture!! We should be thinking about the questions why and why not immigrants should adopt all aspects of American culture? After all nowadays, more people are migrating to other countries such as United States than ever before. We all know that immigrants from all over the world experience a change to their life style when they move to United States, especially those who have been chased by their own government for speaking the truth against them. Sometimes immigrants have hard time to get used to their new environment and yet they try to live up to it. In some cases, immigrants want to …show more content…
Furthermore, it might be hard on the person for forgetting about her.his heritage. For example, if the immigrant kid who grows up and goes back to his original home country he might have a hard time to get used to living their. Also, he 'll have a trouble of speaking his own language since he never speaked before now learned. Moving from your country to another country becasue of wars, bad goverment, and tortures is not anyone can 't imagine. According to William Branigin, in his article “Immigrants Shunning Idea of Assimilation,” many immigrants concerned about their children “Among socially conservative families, they see their children assimilating, but often to the worst aspects of American culture” (Branigin, paragraph 13). Many immigrants families faces assimilation mostly on their younger kids and refuse to listen to their parents. Because of that conflict, their is a problem between a parent and a child. Therefore, many parents prefer to stay with their own cultures rather than adopting all aspects of American culture from a fear. After all, adopting all aspects of American culture isn 't a good thing nor a bad thing. However, it could influence many children to behave meanly towards their parents, which might let to domistec violence. Furthermore, most immigrants families afraid of their children to adopt bad influences of American culture, such as drinking, smoking, gangs, and doing illegal staff. After all, America known to be highest drug addicts place every immigrants family worries about their childrens behavores and their

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