Essay on Should Hunting Rights Be Taken Away? Hunting?

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The Importance of Hunting Rights
Why should hunting rights not be taken away? Hunting helps people gain vital information about survival in the outdoors. Health risk lowers greatly when eating wild game.When people hunt, they get an enormous amount of physical and social-emotional health benefits. By allowing people to hunt wild game, it helps keep the wildlife population well maintained and under control. Hunting wildlife allows people to learn about: the outdoors, how to lower their health risk, how to receive physical and social-emotional health benefits, and the importance of maintaining the wildlife population. Hunting gives people a sense of the outdoors and the way their ancestors use to live. Many years ago all humans survived by hunting and gathering, instead of planting and growing their own food (“Hunters and Gatherers”). The amount of hunter and gatherers in the world has declined greatly from recent years. Hunting teaches one how to navigate if they become lost. By knowing how to hunt people can hunt their own food and cook it themselves. This will come in handy if they ever get lost and need a way to survive. Another vital thing to know about the outdoors when hunting is how to look for signs of animal activity. “Tracks made by animals on the ground, when read correctly, show the pattern of animal’s habits” (“Tracking Animals”). When animals go to get water they follow the same track every time out of habit. Since animals form a habit of following the same…

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