Should Hunting Really Be Demonized? Essay

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Should hunting really be demonized?No I do not believe so due to various reasons. In the article “Targeted Removal of Wolves: Analysis of the motives of controlled hunting.” by Sjölander-Lindqvist, Annelie. They have recorded incidents where people are in danger of the overpopulation of wolves. From attacking the people to attacking domestic animal and livestock. The wolves have been terrorizing the population. Because the threat of the wolves, the people can legally request the authorities to remove certain wolves to decrease the harmful attacks on the animal and human populace. However, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency kept wanting to reject the proposal of legal controlled hunting of the wolves. This is very interesting because unlike the story Killing Wolves where the trapping of wolves was deemed as a sport where one tries to outwit the other for money. This article shows that the population of wolves is an increasing threat unto the people and trying to use legal means to solve it. The people’s main goal is the protection of themselves from the constant risk of attacks. The proposal for controlled hunting was being researched to insure the environment and species of wolves are not endangered. So in other words, they try to see both the pros and cons of legal removal of wolves.

There have been many qualms as to whether or not conservation hunting really helps in the protection of animals. In the…

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