Should Hunting Be Allowed? Essay

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Can Hunting Actually Help Others. Did you know that hunting alone supports more than 680,000 jobs a year, buy buying and selling their old and new equipment? Most people use hunting as a huge resource in their lives for like food, clothes, and weapons. Many people do not know that hunter are using there pray that they kill is actually for a good causes like donating their meat to homeless shelters and soup kitchen for the less fortent. Hunter also help create and keep jobs by buying their supplies from a local store or a conservation officer trying to make sure everyone, man and animals are safe from any danger(Allen). Hunting should be allowed because it gives people jobs, it donates meals, it controls wildlife population, and it raises money for the conservation program.
Even though most people do not realize it, hunters actually support thousands of jobs all around the United States. For example, smaller stores stay open for another year like restaurants and hotels. In some smaller rural communities, the dollar brought in from the hunting season alone can keep a small store or business open for another month or even a year. The money the hunter spends will support 680,000 jobs. The number of hunters are increasing by nine percent every year; they are passionate about their sport or as some say their livelihood. Since so many hunters are passionate about this, they are willing to spend more than the average customer. This explains why hunters are starting to spend more…

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