Should Honor Killings Be Seen As Similar? Other Forms Of Domestic Violence?

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Should honour killings be seen as similar to other forms of domestic violence?

Honour killings and domestic violence are both forms of gender violence, which control and undermine the autonomy of women. However, this is not widely accepted due to the perception the West has of honour killings as a cultural issue. Within this essay, I will explore the West 's perception of honour killings as a cultural problem, which stereotypes and judges minority cultures, ignoring the real issue of violence against women, which has no social or cultural boundaries. I will also discuss feminist discourse on control and power, which is relevant in demonstrating the similarities between domestic violence and honour killings. Furthermore, I will discuss the role of patriarchy and the social construction of gender, which has constructed violence as socially acceptable due to the way masculinity is characterised. Ultimately, it is the construction of gender and perception of women within society, which allows violence to occur, the cultural setting plays no role.

According to the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, honour killings are violence stemming from a perception to protect family honour (Siddiqui, 2005: 264). Honour is associated with women upholding traditional assigned sexual, familiar and social roles and expectations. Essentially, honour is a justification for violence and is a tool used to police her sexuality, autonomy and scrutinise a woman’s…

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