Should Homework Be Reduced Essay

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Does homework really help kids? Does it make kids stressed? Do kids understand what to do and what their learning about? There are many answers to those questions. Kids should not have homework because it can make them stressed, they don't understand it, and they don't try.


Homework can make kids stressed. Homework is stressful for kids and can be physically unhealthy. According to the article “Issues and Controversy” homework can make kids obese ( homework 2 ). When kids are stressed they usually eat a lot. So if kids are stressed about homework they could eat a lot and become obese because of the amount of homework given. It can also do many other things. It can cause anxiety which can lead to medical problems and other issues. Too many homework assignments are dull. According to the article “Issues and Controversies” uninvolved affairs that have little value. This means that homework can have little value to kids and that it doesn't mean anything to kids.(homework 2). When they feel stressed they decide not to do it because they don't want to handle with the stress.

Don’t Understand It
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They spend too much time on other homework. It can be homework for that class that they had to do or from another class or possibly both. According to the article “Issues and Controversy” kids don't understand what they are learning because they spend more time being stressed on homework and spending all of their time on homework(homework 5). Teachers think that homework will help kids better understand what they are learning. But homework really makes kids stressed. If one class gives a lot of homework one day, kids will spend more time on that then on other homework that they have to do. So they wont understand the other homework because they are spending more time on the class that they had a lot of homework in.(homework

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