Should Higher Education Become An Inalienable Right? America?

1169 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Should higher education become an inalienable right in America? Tuition costs in America have risen dramatically even if adjusted for inflation. Moreover, higher costs leave increasingly more students in debt after completing college, and high expenses may even deter economically poor scholars from pursuing university thus forcing them into catch-22s. Various countries around the world, especially the European countries, already offer tuition-free post-secondary education to their citizens. The purpose of this debate is to determine if any form of education reform is required so that America can compete on the global scale, increase access to education, and not have students with six-figure debts. Education has always been regarded as a safe investment, but would America realize a return on that investment if the government decided to switch to a tuition-free system? Though some countries have done this, America is a different country that may not necessarily be subject to the same options or constraints that tuition-free countries have. For all of these reasons stated, I believe free tertiary education spawns an excellent discussion for this semester’s research project. First of all, as a college student, I can sympathize with others that struggle to manage a school/work balance. A great friend of mine that went to high school with me could not attend university this semester due to financial difficulties despite the fact that she was in the top 10% of her class.…

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