Should Guns Control Laws Be Agreed Essay

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Should Guns Control Laws be Agreed in the United State? There are 4 people died in one hour in the United State per day right now, because of the gun shoots. (Just the facts: Gun violence in America) This is the biggest argument in the United State, and the numbers of gun accidents still have the growing trend by years and years. Therefore, Gun control laws should be established in the United State to protect the human life. The president candidate who is called Hilary Diane Clinton said that the government should control the weapons, which means the citizens cannot own the guns anymore. (Hillary Clinton makes strong plea for gun control) In some way, it may be the way to decrease the death by the gun’s shoots. However, there are still have groups of people think that the government should not control the guns. They told that there are several reasons to support their opinion, and the basic two reasons are Human rights and self-defence. They think that they can use to guns to protect themselves if someone or something is threatening their asset and safety. From my perspective, the guns should be controlled by government, and there are three reasons to support my belief, which is controlling guns will affect the crime rate, it will make conflicts between citizens and police department and it will protect the people who do not have guns The gun control law will affect the crime rate directly. In the United States, it is too easy for the citizens to get the guns. Based on…

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