Should Guns Be The Second Amendment? Essay

1726 Words Feb 6th, 2015 null Page
The United States is known for many things: freedom, baseball, the Kardashians, and obesity. Some of these things are positive, while others point to a decaying society. But what issue is currently at the forefront of concern in America? School shootings. “School shootings” is such a prominent topic and will not be put to rest until the action itself is put to rest. Guns have played an enormous role in America for many, many centuries. Guns are such a popular topic that there is even an entire amendment that is dedicated to guns: the second amendment. The Second Amendment reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be fringed”, or in other words, people have the right to own firearms. Guns have been such a controversial issue in the U.S. throughout history. One side feels that guns are precious and help protect and serve. However, the other side feels that guns are dangerous, no one should own them, and all that they do is cause problems. The bottom line though is that whether guns are helpful or not, they have still been around for a long time and will continue to be around for much longer. The first gun used in the U.S. was introduced to Americans by the pilgrims in 1607 after they first immigrated here (“The First Gun In America”). Even the famous Christopher Columbus carried guns during his voyage to the States (‘The First Gun In America”). Guns have even been used…

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