Should Guns Be Banned? Essay

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In America, there is a growing perception that guns are: they are harmful, they kill, and they commit crimes, and so most guns should be banned. But, how can a gun kill or commit crimes; it is not a living thing, it is a tool. With the use of guns, America has grown to be a strong and independent country throughout history. The push to ban guns will only keep guns away from law abiding citizens since criminals, by nature, do not follow laws and respect the gun free zones. The banning of guns in America should end.
Guns are prominent and important to the United States. “In 1994 Americans owned around 192 million guns, according to the U.S. Justice Department 's National Institute of Justice. As of 2013, the number of guns is between 245 and 328 million. Also, during that same period, per-capita gun murders have been cut almost in half, to a rate of about 3.5 dead out of 100,000 people according to the Center for Disease Control” (Doherty). In the American Society, guns are considered as both good and bad to a variety of Citizens. “One of the most powerful narratives gun advocates have on their side is the image of a woman pulling a handgun out of her clutch to prevent a rape, or a man cocking a shotgun at a burglar to defend his family” (Doherty). Those images are very prominent ones to most Americans and seems to put emphasis on the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the…

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