Should Guns Be Allowed On College Campuses? Essay

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Should Guns be Allowed on College Campuses?
Should guns be allowed on college campuses? No, there are many reasons why it would be dangerous to introduce guns into colleges and universities. The college experience usually begins at age 18 and may continue through the late 20s. These are often the years for abusing drugs, drinking alcohol, attempting suicide, and having mental issues. If guns are combined with such activities, injury can play a big factor and sometimes even death. Guns are used for personal protection, not to injure someone for no apparent reason. With the increase in violence in today’s world, allowing guns on college campuses does not appear to be a logical, productive policy for any institution of higher learning to have, because everyone does not use weapons properly, abuse may lead to an escalation in violent crime, and college campuses have security personnel to protect student populations, making gun possession unnecessary.
Guns could lead to an escalation in violent crime due to several reasons. Things revolving around in the world could influence people to do harmful things. For instance, “Media Violence”. Media violence such as television, radio, and social websites often display negative feedback. The media has been one of the top sources that can be used to influence behaviors. Children are not watching cartoons anymore. Movies are not made to inform us anymore, but to persuade people to do crazy things. Gun-related incidents are a possible…

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