Should Guns And Tighten Tighter Restrictions On Guns Essay examples

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War on Guns
There is not a year that goes by without an innocent life taken by gun violence within the United States. Each year we constantly argue the idea of whether we should ban guns or reinforce tighter restrictions on guns, especially with the NRA (National Riffle Association). Often as usual we never ensure a decision and the topic slips up again when another instance occurs. Many has brought up ideas such as securing our schools with the same weapons that we are fighting to ban. Arming our teachers and training them how to use an armed weapon. Strengthening our mental health services as well as counseling services in schools and across the nation. And identifying bullies and victims in case of retaliation from either parties. Guns in general is an enormous issue within our country; just a piece of steel has the power to steal away someone 's life.
This past week ten lives were taken and seven others were injured due to gun violence. Our society has become so accustomed to this nature. Sadly, when hearing these sad occurrences taking place no shock is associated with the feeling of the news. When news of gun violence is heard it is as if the news anchor has said a minor robbery. Many such as the NRA believes that we need to arm our schools to better protect students within schools. “We 're the millions of Americans from all walks of life who take responsibility for our own safety and protection as a God- given, fundamental right” ( LaPierre 502). Yes, the right to…

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