Should Gay Marriage Be More Acceptable? Essay

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While gay marriage is becoming more acceptable in this country as evidenced by

the numerous articles, news reports, political views, and endorsements from high profile people,

it is still a subject that will have negative influence on the country in general. The recent

explosion of the topic in social media constantly appears to push the idea that gay marriage is

normal and perfectly acceptable; however, the cons of adopting it as normal and acceptable in a

progressive society are not usually stressed. Facts, statistics, and moral decline will help to

support the negative impacts on society that are not endorsed in the news constantly. The

increase in gay marriage brought on due to increased tolerance and acceptance will worsen the current moral, religious, and physical and mental health problems in the United States.

There are moral issues that are made worse due to the encouragement of gay

marriages. Young minority males, especially in the 13-24 years old age group, are hit very hard

by the HIV infection. Blacks and Hispanics that often already living in poor conditions, are now

encouraged to engage in homosexual behavior that often heads them getting the HIV virus

(Staff of CDC). These minority groups can be more easily persuaded to form relationships with

another partner of the same sex, due to abusive situations at home and school (Staff of CDC).

The combination of poor living conditions, abuse, and low self-esteem on a young male can help…

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