Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay

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A topic we often heard about but, don’t really pay any attention to is homosexual families. This topic has recently been attracting a vast amount of public attention and has stirred up many controversies that will be talked about in this paper. However lets talk more about the background behind the topic; just this year alone the LGBT community has made some astounding advancements in accomplishing equal recognition. On June 26 of this year same-sex marriage was legalized by a 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court. This made it illegal for a state to refuse to marry a same sex couple and gave the LGBT community the recognition they have long been waiting for. Unfortunately with this victory came controversy, only about a month later Kentucky clerk, Kim David’s believed that she should not have to give out marriage licenses to same sex couples, do to her strong beliefs against homosexual relations. This is a prime example of the types of stigmas that people say against homosexuals that will last for generations. Some people see homosexuals as unnatural and therefore shouldn’t exist or be allowed. This brings us to the topic of why are people so against homosexual relationships. In this paper we will look at the effects same sex families has on children, how easy or difficult is the adoption process for homosexuals, and what is the world’s view on them before and now.

One of the biggest areas of interest in this debate on whether or not gay families should be allowed to be guardians…

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