Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay

1058 Words Oct 26th, 2014 5 Pages
Our country was built on equality and freedom of speech, equality, ones actions and religion. The matter of whether or not same sex marriage should be legalized has been of especial controversy and relevance in the past decade. As increasingly more public figures such as celebrities and athletes are coming out, they are joining the number of people that will not be recognized later in their lives if they chose to marry. There are cases made that this union is unnatural and should be prohibited. However, a gay marriage right on a federal level is a necessary change that must be made in the near future in order for the country to progress and improve the well-beings of potentially thousands. Many people who are opposed to this notion argue the conflict of church and state. If citizens are already free to follow any religion of their choice, then government policy should not have to be compromised. Our nation should not halt its progression to accommodate for the opposition of some, when legalization would be in an effort to effort the nation as a whole. If this government were to pass this new policy more people would have the opportunity to benefit. There could even be more people than expected that would support this law, but have not yet expressed their opinion in fear of coming out or criticism from their peers. A couple of the same sex on paper, which is what it comes down to legally, is the same as a straight couple- two people requesting for the recognition of the…

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