Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized? Essay

1727 Words May 4th, 2015 null Page
Should Gay Marriage be Legalized? Over the past few years the issue of same-sex or gay marriages have been debated by many people and has quickly become one of the most controversial issues that there are today. The question has been asked any times now, “should gay marriage be legalized”? The majority of Americans now days are all for legalizing gay marriage, with most of them saying that “everyone should have their rights and be able to do what they want”, or that we are “discriminating” if we speak out against same-sex marriage. I agree with them but only to an extent. Yes, I believe we should all have our rights, and I also believe that we should not discriminate, but is it not worse to try to force people that oppose same-sex marriage to accept the issue with open arms, or try to imprison those who speak out against it (as it will be in the future). According to Frank Newport a reporter for the Gallup Poll Briefing “Overall fifty-three percent of Americans say same-sex marriage should be legalized” (1). In 1996 over two-thirds of Americans were opposed to same-sex marriage. As you can see those numbers have drastically changed in the last few years, and will only increase in the months or years to come. I would like to pose these questions: should we legalize marriages that are morally and Biblically wrong? Should we legalize marriages that do not create a strong family but an unstable and not to mention odd…

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