Should Gay Couples Be Legal? Essay

1560 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Like every controversy or dispute, there are always multiple sides to an argument. One thing that gay people would argue is, homosexual people can provide a stable family environment. For example, gay and heterosexual parents are equally stable (Should Gays, 2008). For a child, the stability of the parents is crucial to the development of that child and will be a major variable if they want to adopt. If the parent is not stable, he or she will not be able to adopt because the child will not have a good environment to grow up in. Furthermore, homosexuality and pedophilia do not relate ("Should Gays", 2008). Some studies have shown that when same-sex couples have children, they are more likely to molest their kids. Gay couples trying to adopt would say that this is false in order to persuade the judge to allow them to adopt. Another possible view is; kids do not need a family with a present mom and dad in order to have the most fruitful development. For example, kids do not need a mom and a dad (“Should Gays”, 2008). Mothers and fathers both play roles in the family dynamic. Mothers provide safety and nurturing in the child 's life. The father gives discipline and provides a sense of security in the family. Homosexual couples believe that they can fulfill both of these roles. In addition, kids do not need a married mom and dad ("Should Gays", 2008). One of the arguments against same-sex adoption is that kids need parents who are married for the most beneficial…

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