Should Gay Adoption Be Legal? Essay

1358 Words Feb 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Individuals of the same-sex have the capability to love, nurture,and support an adopted child. There is no reason gay couples should not be able to adopt , a homosexual household can provide the same essentials needed for the child just as an heterosexual household. Many religions and societies claim a child raised by same-sex parents will never achieve in life without a male and female role model at home. They contradict themselves,however, by allowing single parent adoptions. Society should set aside moral opinions and views by thinking of what is best for the children in need of loving homes. Denying this youth parents who are dedicated and caring is an injustice for the children. There is logical reasoning to allow gay adoption, but for some, these are not enough to go against their moral opinion. The controversial topic creates many arguments, some believe this issue or problem should be legal nationally, while others prefer to banned it everywhere, or at least in their individual state. Not understanding that the major issue really is, what is in the best interest for the child? The issue at hand is not something that can be solved with causes, effects , and solutions, but with pros and cons. In adoption cases a parent is to prove themselves to be responsible and capable to raise the child on their own, or with a spouse. The matter of the parents sexuality is no factor that should explain one 's parental instincts and ability to rise the child. A family is based on…

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