Should Games Be Implemented Into School Systems As A Method Of Teaching?

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Should games be implemented into school systems as a method of teaching?
When people are asked to think of what a game reminds them of, in general, they normally think of the negative connotation that is associated with playing games such as laziness, as a waste of time, or something people for pure self enjoyment. While this view on games is not necessarily incorrect, there is much more to playing games than the negative initial impressions associated with them. People in society that see games under a veil of misunderstanding fail to recognize that there is more to playing games than is initially understood without prior knowledge on the benefits that playing games provides. When playing these games there are a multitude of beneficial factors that are implemented upon each player. Games provide a way for players to express emotions and creates an outlet for heavy social interaction which has a plethora of benefits and promotes the growth of the mind. The benefits that are generated from the use of games can not only improve the amount and quality of material discussed in the classroom, but can more importantly help the students improve in a broad range of areas which can be analyzed through a social-psychological perspective.
Some benefits of incorporating games into the classroom include diversifying the class material. The usage of games in the classroom opens up the possibility of teaching real world skills such as money management and finances (Fridman, 2010). In a…

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