Should Gambling Be Legal And Popular? Essay

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Hung Truong
Professor Frank Spinelli
Research essay #1
October 6, 14
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Gambling is no doubt a very common social practice of human kind since a long time ago. Furthermore, gambling has long been considered as a legal industry that brings billions of dollars to many nations in the world. Despite of the great benefits it brings, gambling industry is not totally free from drawback. Gambling has been constantly condemned for its negative outcomes. In fact, gambling is accused of being the cause for much social evil practice. Thus, to many countries, this particular type of industry is not legal and popular. Specifically, in this essay, Vietnam, a nation in Southeast Asia, will be taken as the object for this research. Accordingly, Vietnam already had 5 Casinos that are being operated. However, only foreigners are eligible to enter and play in those casinos. Hence, the idea of legalization of gambling and allowance of Vietnamese to play in casino in Vietnam has remained a controversial topic for years. This phenomenon raises the question of should or should not make gambling, specifically, casino legalized. This research is to give personal points to this issue in Vietnam from a citizen’s perspective.
Gambling is defined as an act of playing a game of chance or betting on random outcome by putting money or any valuable goods with the intention of earning more money or goods that have been bet. In other words, a gambler takes a risky action with the cost is his money…

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