Essay about Should Fracking Be Banned?

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Imagine having a loved with cancer, organ damage, nervous system disorders, or your child having birth defects. Imagine running out of clean water because the only water available is capable of catching fire. Imagine oil in rivers and animals losing their homes. See yourself caught in an earthquake where there should not be one. All of this is increased by fracking and can be prevented. The question is should fracking continue or should it be banned.
Fracking is a pressurized, chemically treated mixture of water and sand to release and extract natural gas and petroleum from shale rock. There are many articles, studies being done, and organizations fighting for what they think is right. Environmentalist want the technique of fracking banned because it plays a part in global warming, affects our water, and causes human health problems. Two organizations involved in fracking are the American Gas Association (AGA) and FracDallas. AGA’s priority is to use natural gas for transportation. FracDallas does not want drilling to be banned, but is against the use of unsafe drilling. A decade ago the United States was in danger of running out of gas. According to the Energy Information Administration, fracking was developed more than 60 years ago and will account for nearly half of the gas produced in the U.S. by 2035.
For communities near fracking sites the water supply and their overall health is affected. The article “Fracking is Harmful to the Environment” mentions the water industry…

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