Essay about Should Financial Aid Be A Big Problem?

1386 Words Oct 16th, 2015 6 Pages
You got accepted. That’s the first mail you see when you wake up and you start jumping of excitement, happiness takes over your world and everything starts moving well. After a few weeks, the admission packet arrives to your doorsteps and you open it with pride. After all, you got accepted to the college or university you always saw yourself at. You open the admission packet and the first thing that you see is the estimated family contribution and your heart starts to sink. All the joy, the overwhelming happiness, everything that you felt a moment ago comes to a stop. All those weeks of preparation and googling through college necessities go to waste. You ask yourself one question, “Even though I put in so much of hard work and efforts to get into this university, is it fair to all the efforts I put in that the only thing stopping me from attending my dream university is money?” Financial Aid is still a big problem in our community, from the rich to the poor. Various methods like low interest student loans, increase in grants and scholarships have been implemented but as these are still not enough. Middle class parents are having a hard time paying for their child’s education. The rate in which the cost of attendance is increasing exceeds the amounts increased in financial aid sector by a huge margin. Families that fall in the average income zone have a hard time to keep up with the increasing cost of university. “Too poor for college, too rich for financial aid”…

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