Should Female Teens Be Allowed For Get Birth Control Without Their Parents Consent?

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Becoming a teenager means learning how to make wise decisions on your own. But, should this statement be put in consideration when talking about birth control or being able to make a health decision without having a parents consent or permission. Should female teens be allowed to get birth control without their parents consent? Birth control has played an important role in the advancement of women in the workplace, allowing them to invest in their careers and plan for their futures. In today’s society many teenagers are exposed to sexuality through school, social media, and every other place that they have everyday interactions. Being exposed to different activities while being a teenager means being influenced and taking on peer pressure, especially for females. The most common thing we are taught to associate with female tennagers is teen pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is one of the most difficult things a teen can go through. Anyone who is pregnant under the age of twenty is usually referred as a pregnant teen. Most teenagers do not plan to get pregnant but many do. Being a pregnant teen can cause a variety of health risk for themselves and the baby. According to this article, “Children born to teenage mothers face more health risks compared to children of older mothers. They have a higher risk of being born prematurely and having a low birth weight and are more likely to have problems in school”("Teenage Pregnancy."). Often, teens don 't get prenatal care soon enough,…

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