Should Female Sports Be Allowed For Play On Male Sports Teams?

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Females should undoubtedly be allowed to play on male sports’ teams. In this world of inequality there are few things we can do to alleviate that. For example, allowing females to play on male sports’ teams would be a great step. This has already been happening around the world, but it’s been causing controversy due to their, the girls, physicality and how fair it is then for the boys in return. If we don’t allow women to play then we can never truly be an equal and free nation. Women were allowed to first play sports in high school in 1971 when Title IX was first passed. Title IX made it possible for women to become doctors, lawyers and college and high school athletes. These are some rules that have been made by Title IX: If there is no girls’ team, then the girl must be allowed to try out for the boys’ team. The school can say a boy or girl cannot play football as long as it’s not gender related like you’re too small or aren’t strong enough. Boys are not allowed to play on a girls’ team because that would make it more difficult for the underrepresented sex to play, the girls. Benefits of sports: Can help fight illness, teach balance, prevent being overweight, help with anger and anxiety, help with eating and sleeping, overcome shyness, meet new friends, and help to attain goals. (WOMEN 'S SPORTS FOUNDATION, 2015). Mike Mahlen is the head coach for the Verndale Pirates, and recently he has had the chance to coach girls on a football team. He said,
I have two girls…

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