Should Everyone Learn A Programming Language? Essay

701 Words Sep 29th, 2015 3 Pages
Should everyone learn a programming language? This has been a source of debate as the world of IT grows larger and more entwined with our day to day life. There have been dozens of articles on the subject, both for and against the idea. I am personally of the belief learning to program is so much more than for loops and Boolean values. By learning to code, the average person can change their computer from a Facebook checking station into a powerful tool to aid in day to day life, they can sharpen critical thinking skills that will be a transferrable asset into everything they do, and because learning math can literally make you smarter. The basics of programming can be seen in everything we do today, from basic organizational skills to anything involving electronics.
There’s so much more to a computer than playing solitaire or logging into Facebook. By learning a basic programming language, an average user can code programs that will help with organization and speed up work done. According to Laurence Bradford, it’s easy enough to write a simple custom script for an online quiz, and save money by not hiring a developer. Even if you were just to use a short script for entertainment purposes, is it easier to open up 10 different things on your computer or write a script that does it for you at the click of a button? Not only would shave time off what you’re doing, but you’d have a deeper understanding of how your computer works. Imagine how much easier life would be for…

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