Should Euthanasia Be Legalized? Essay example

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Vidal 1 Euthanasia is a controversy that has sparked many heated debates all around the world. Due to its nature of removing human life in an instant with the mere injection or consumption of a drug. Many people believe that human life is a precious thing that should be preserved. And others would disagree that Euthanasia should be used as a means of ending their life. Though in truth, Euthanasia should be legalized, for people have the constitutional right to die, euthanasia can be morally justified, and people should be able to die with dignity.
Assisted suicide, physician assisted suicide or, mercy killing are general terms used to describe Euthanasia. As Euthanasia is the action of intentionally take oneself life for many different factors like depression and illness or because they just want to (“What is euthanasia”). Additionally euthanasia has been around for many centuries going all the way to Ancient Greece and Rome in the 5th century (“Historical Timeline”). In fact, Euthanasia was a common practice during this time period as many pagan physicians carried out many voluntary and involuntary mercy killings. (“Historical Timeline”). As, for the word “Euthanasia comes from greek word Eu meaning good and Thanatosis meaning death and it means Good Death, or Gentle and Easy Death” (“A General History). People as human being have what is called unalienable rights, constitutional rights that can’t be taken away from anyone. These rights include…

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