Essay Should Euthanasia Be Legal?

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In most countries there is a shortage of health resources. Therefore, some patients that are unwell and can be cured do not seem to be ready to get immediate access to the facilities they need for treatment. At the same time health resources are being used on those that cannot be cured, and, for their own reasons, would not like to continue living. Allowing such individuals to commit euthanasia would not only allow them to have what they want, it would free valuable resources to treat those that wish to live. Abuse of this would be prevented by only permitting the person who wished to die to initiate the process, and by regulations that strictly prevented abuse. However, it may be argued that this proposal is a completely practical one; it says that we should permit euthanasia because it will allow a lot of individuals to be happy. This argument will not convince anyone who believes that euthanasia is wrong in principle. Others can object because they believe that it is wide-open to abuse, and would ultimately cause involuntary euthanasia because of shortage of health resources. Finally, they worry; individuals will be likely to commit euthanasia as soon as they become an unreasonable burden on society.

Moral principles should be accepted as a universal rule (one that applies to everybody). Therefore you should only do something if you are willing for anybody and everybody to do exactly the same thing in exactly similar circumstances, no matter who they are. The…

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