Essay on Should Euthanasia And Doctor Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?

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Should Euthanasia and Doctor Assisted Suicide be Legalized?
Many people to do not know about euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide, or the importance of it being legalized for some. Rita Marker, attorney and Patients’ Rights Council Executive Director, informs that, “’Euthanasia’ is defined as intentionally, knowingly and directly acting to cause the death of another person (e.g., giving a lethal injection). ‘Assisted suicide’ is defined as intentionally, knowingly and directly providing the means of death to another person so that the person can use that means to commit suicide (e.g., providing a prescription for a lethal dose of drugs).” Euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide are legal in a number of states and countries, such as Oregon and many European countries, and is being pushed to be legalized in many others. Those who do not support the processes becoming legal think that certain disadvantaged social groups would be at risk and murder may become legal. However, this cannot be proved. Terminally ill patients can feel grief and burdensome to their living family members for being sick, and they have the right to choose death and die with dignity. People who are able to vote should be informed on this topic to help legalize doctor assisted suicide and euthanasia for those who need it.
People with terminal illnesses or helpless diseases have a certain right to die with dignity and have the treatment they want. Connect U.S. Fund, a non-profit organization that…

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