Should English Language Learners Be Promoted? Essay

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Topic 3- Should English Language Learners Be Placed in a General Classroom or a Special Education Classroom?

A third question plaguing schools with English language learners is whether to place the English language learners in a general classroom or a special education classroom. Several schools place them in the special education classroom when they do not have special needs, thus taking the teacher’s attention away from students that have special needs and require the extra help. Likewise, when English language learners are in a general classroom, they usually have trouble keeping up with the quick pace due to their limited English. Both scenarios are difficult for English language learners and it causes them to lose interest in school. They feel like they do not belong in either classroom. Elizabeth Platt, Candace Harper, and Maria Beatriz Mendoza addressed this question in their article, Dueling Philosophies: Inclusion or Separation for Florida 's English Language Learners? (Platt, Harper, & Mendoza, 2013) this article examined educational policies in Florida, one of the United States ' largest and most diverse student populations. In Florida, there has been a push toward inclusion or mainstreaming of English language learners. The article studies the philosophical bases of inclusion versus separation and determines which is best for the English language learners. They gathered data from interviews with twenty-nine district-level English as a second language…

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