Should Employers Look At Potential Employees ' Education Or Experience First?

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Should employers look at potential employees’ education or experience first?. This question seems to be one of the argumentive questions that is hard to be answered. Some people finish the high school and move to college, while others end the studying life and start the new experience, the work experience. Companies always seek to hire qualified employees. Although some people believe that the level of education should be the first factor that qualify you to get a job, I think work experience is more important, not only because a degree is no longer enough, but also because of the great opportunity that non-educational person will have.

Some people believe that experience does not necessarily provide the skills you need for the next job you will has. It is true, but the idea of experience is not where or what kind of experience you had. The idea is to show to the employer that you keep up with trend, keep learning enough to get the job. Also, your work experience show that you can be trusted to finish the work. Angela Holmes, author and speaker in southern Illinois said that experience workers have proved that they have the ability to do the job and also, familiar with the workplace ( Another study shows that about half of 500 employers, when hiring new employee were looking for relevant work experience, a good work ethic, and a degree subject relevant to the job ( Both Angela, and the study show that having work experience will…

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