Should Economic Impact Be The Only For Large Corporations? Essay

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UGS MotM - Presentation Plan: Outline, Rhetorical Strategy
Issue Question: Should economic impact be the only evaluative criterion to set immigration policies?
It is appropriate for large corporations to influence U.S. immigration policy because they contribute the most to the U.S. economy, and they rely on skilled immigrants (specifically those from developing countries) to attain fiscal security. When large corporations are fiscally healthy, the entire U.S benefits.
Supporting Reasons:
I. Large corporations impact the U.S economy
A . 60% of U.S GDP are personal consumption expenditures ( which large corporations play a large part of because their products are consumed by the people which will then go to U.S economy.)
B. 17% of U.S GDP = net export of goods ( which again, large corporations make up a large amount , because they produce goods that will get exported to other countries to then benefit U.S)
C. 17% is business spending, which includes the purchase of goods to make products ( constructions materials to build offices,factories, machines) = go to U.S GDP; this shows that large businesses play a role in about 93% of U.S GDP components.
II. When large corporations benefit, the economy benefits because they have such a large influence on the country’s overall output .
A. Why Large Companies support immigration reforms a. Cheaper wages - When companies hire skilled workers from countries that have lesser currency value than the…

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