Should Drugs Be Legalized? Essay

792 Words Oct 14th, 2016 4 Pages
I have grown up in a culture that does not take the idea of drugs as seriously as they should. When I say drugs I am not specifically highlighting illegal drugs. Rather, I am referring to both illegal and legal drugs, whether that is cold medicine, over the counter painkillers, sedatives, or illegal drugs like heroin. When someone experiences a health issue, whether it is a broken leg or trouble sleeping, usually the first person they go to see is a doctor. Here, doctors will often prescribe drugs to the patient in order to help them overcome their issues, but often overlook potential side effects. People do not realize how devastating prescription drugs can be because our culture and doctors have a big influence on the way people look at drugs. Medicine is overused in today’s society and prescription drugs are abused while better alternatives are ignored. The entertainment industry has a significant influence on the way teens view drugs and is a major factor in the encouragement and acceptance of drug use. As a result, teens have the idea that using drugs are normal. For example, turn on the radio in your car. What are the songs about? Popular music stations are constantly playing songs related to drugs. In a popular song by Travis Scott he says,“poppin’ pills is all we know” and another well known artist, The Weeknd sings, “always tryna send me off to rehab, drugs started feelin’ like it’s decaf.” Theses are just a sample of the multitude of songs accepting drug…

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