Should Drugs Be Legalized? Essay

1036 Words Oct 8th, 2015 null Page
Under no circumstances should drugs be legalized; drugs have negative consequences not only for individuals, but may also affect the entire families in numerous ways. For example, a parent or parents that abuses drugs is more likely to abuse and or neglected their children, these children often grow up and become substance abusers themselves. Authors like William Bennett are advocates for the legalization of drugs. Bennett who is the author of ‘’Should Drugs Be Legalized’’ meet with several prominent government personnel to discuss the war on drugs. It is Bennett’s view that these prominent government officials are in favor of the legalization of drugs. For instance, at the beginning of Bennett’s autobiography, he learned from the Secretary of State, George Shultz that ‘’the concept of fighting drugs is flawed.’’ Shultz further stated that the only thing to do is to ‘’make it possible for addicts to buy the drugs at the regulated place.’’ The war on drugs has been on ongoing battle, yet it seems like fewer people are concerned about the negative impact of drugs. Based on Bennett’s autobiography these prominent government officials all agreed that bending laws geared at reducing the use and sale illegal drugs in order to allow individuals to use it as they wish will have positive impact on society. Also in Bennett’s autobiography a federal judge, Robert W. Sweet ‘’OPTS for legalization,’’ say, ‘’if our society can learn to stop using butter, it should be able cut down on…

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