Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Banned In Sports Essay

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Are taking performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) really worth the risk? This is a question many of athletes have to seriously ask themselves and weigh the consequences. Many athletes don’t ask actually themselves this question and just go and take these drugs. Some athletes don’t even get told that they are taking PED’s. Other cases involve team doctors recommending players to take these drugs, having no regard for the player's health. So the big question is should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in sports? Some say yes and others say no. Most people think they should be banned because they hurt the integrity of the game. Others have the same stance on the topic, but they have a different reason for it. They think they should be banned because they hurt the athletes' health and give an unfair advantage to players. Others may say that they should be banned because younger kids will start to use them because their favorite athletes do and they are making millions of dollars. The supporters of this issue say that the drugs should be allowed because they make the game more exciting and the athletes should not suffer for trying to be …show more content…
Americans tend to believe that a year- long ban is long enough to make sure the athlete is clean and won’t do it again. According to cyclists, “Some claim that there is good reason not to forgive. While WADA bestows a two-year suspension, partially to ensure any gains from doping have cleared an athlete’s system, some believe that a temporary ban, no matter how long, isn’t long enough” (Connor 1). Connor acknowledges that a two year ban is not even long enough. He thinks that you have to ban the person for life because they will always have an unfair advantage over other athletes. This method would be more effective because it would instill fear in the athletes of getting caught and losing out on their dream and all the money they can

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