Should Drug Testing Be Tested In Schools Essay

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I believe that high school students should be tested for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). In high school students get introduced to drugs and harmful substances, which will make students more prone to taking and using them. When a high school student uses drugs to enhance their performance, it's not only harmful, but also unfair to other students. If a high school student starts using drugs they will most likely carry out the habit through the rest of their career or life. This habit will potentially ruin their career, making them ineligible to participate a higher level and affect them not only as an athlete but as an individual. Drug testing will also prepare them for higher level events or maybe even prevent from using them.

Drug testing high school students would have many benefits and we could save many lives. According to one source some of the benefits of drug testing high school students would decrease drug use in schools, and it would also help notify parents, doctors, and guardians to seek help for their students (“Should High School Athletes Be Tested for Drug Use? | Fox News."). This will put a start to exterminating drugs and make schools drug free. This information explains why we
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For example, some believe that it is an invasion of privacy. Others believe that the school may not be able to afford the test, and that the parent or guardian should be the ones responsible in ensuring that their children are drug free. Yes, people may say that it's an invasion of privacy but, if they are innocent and have nothing to hide, they would be fine with taking a simple drug test. Money doesn’t necessarily need to be factor because with our technology we could develop and come up with a simple, cheap, and effective drug test. Random drug testing will help keep high schoolers in check, and will protect them from damaging their academics, life, and career (“The

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