Should Divorce Be Harder? Essay

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Should Divorce be Harder? The media in the twenty-first century often portray divorce as a new and modern phenomenon. However, this portrayal of divorce is not accurate because divorce has existed ever since bad marriages started existing. The only new thing about divorce in the world of today is the way it is orchestrated. Since divorce is not a new concept, someone may wonder what a divorce is and what its causes and effects on the lives of individuals. The Oxford Dictionary defines divorce as the dissolution of a marriage legally by a competent body or a court of law. According to Clarke-Stewart and Brentano (2007), long ago divorce was one 's decision made by themselves and not any legal body or religion. The authors further assert that when the church started taking root in the world, divorce was made a church affair. They say that at one point in the life of Jesus, he questioned the legality of divorce without a cause. This argument by Jesus became a cornerstone in the family lives of believers. Questions have since emerged concerning divorce and whether it should be encouraged or discouraged. For the dissolution of a marriage, there must be reasons why both partners feel aggrieved and have justification why they should separate. In his 2014 book, Family Law: A Very Short Introduction, Jonathan Herring suggests that the predictive factor of a divorce in married partners are; teenage marriage, having a previous marriage history, low educational achievement by one…

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