Should Death Penalty Be Legal Essay

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In today 's society should the death penalty still be acceptable? In my honest opinion, I do not think the death penalty should still be legal. Morally and in my faith, I do not see how twelve people on a single jury and the final confirmation of the judge should seal the fate of a person. I see value in all life, so if the person on trial did something so vile, so violent, they should just sit in their cell to think about what they have done. Death is too easy; if the prosecution team in the courtroom does their job right, that person will never get out. Death row should not be legal even for the worst of us.
There has been a current arrest of “El Chapo,” the leader of the world 's largest drug ring. They have transferred “El Chapo” from
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The cost to keep an inmate facing the death penalty is higher than someone who is serving a life sentence. For example, “Cases without the death penalty cost $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is sought cost $1.26 million. Maintaining each death row prisoner costs taxpayers $90,000 more per year than a prisoner in the general population. There are 714 inmates on California 's death row.”(Death Penalty Information Center) From a taxpayer 's point of view I rather pay for some inmate meal than the injection that kills them. But also on the flip side, I would not want to pay for them at …show more content…
For example, “At least 4.1% of all defendants sentenced to death in the US in the modern era are innocent, according to the first major study to attempt to calculate how often states get it wrong in their wielding of the ultimate punishment”(Ed Pilkington, The Guardian) So one out of twenty-five people if convicted and punished to death is innocent. One person could have the chance to prove they are blameless, but moreover, are being injected and killed for a crime they didn 't commit. If you refer to the bottom photo, this is a picture of a man strapped in at Sing Sing prison in the late 20th century. As the reader, I am drawn to his eyes, they are so defeated. Electric chairs have been used for many years, thousands of times for death row prisoners.
So in conclusion, I believe that the death penalty is wrong morally. No one should be strapped down and should face death by themselves, maybe see their loved ones a few hours prior if they have not committed the biggest crime of all. Taxpayers are essentially paying for someone 's death, we are funding the injection that is placed in their veins. If someone committed this awful crime they should live out their days miserable, stuck in a cell rioting, death is too

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