Should Death Penalty Be Illegal Essay

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Humankind expects to be rewarded or appreciated when he does something good. On the contrary when someone harms another person, people expect him to be punished. Based on these basic expectations, judicial system created different laws and death penalty is one of the punishment ways. According to popular opinion, death penalty is one of the best ways to prevent crime so it should be legal. However, in reality death penalty does not reduce crime , it may not be applied fairly so innocent people may go to death row and it is inhumane and morally wrong. That is why death penalty should be illegal.

First reason why capital punishment shouldn’t be legal is it isn’t reducing crime and it can make communities barbaric. Firstly number
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Firstly, Lawmakers shouldn’t pretend to be God because God give us our lives and only God can take him and lawmakers haven’t enough power to give life so, they can’t take life either. For example, somebody creates something and the thing he created is his and nobody damage it without any allowance. If we thing like that God creates us, nobody kills or damage us and lawmakers don’t have an allowance to God. Another point is it is morally wrong. In the bible, God said, “You shall not murder.”(Bible, Exodus). Humans shouldn’t kill people even though he or she did wrong things. To punish someone, you torture or kill someone and what you do is also a big crime. “Murder can’t be cured by murder” (Essay UK, par 8). The most known styles of execution are hanging and shooting but big countries like U.S. try to decrease the pain with using an electric chair and they use gas chambers, lethal injection but in Islamic countries and also Nigeria try to increase the pain. “In Nigeria, they execute people as slowly as they can, for example, they firing bullets at intervals starting at the ankles or they stoned the prisoner while he death there is only one rule to stoned the prisoner stones shouldn’t be as large as killed person quickly and without pain. (Essay UK, par 2). The final point is every human being deserves second chance for example when someone makes a mistake he shouldn’t pay it for his life he can work for government or h can do something else but the government must give second chance maybe he has got a special reason. As it is clearly seen capital punishment should be illegal because everybody has rights to live and nobody take their

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