Should Death Penalty Be Abolished? Essay

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Abolishing Death Penalty
Should death penalty should be abolished? Death Penalty should be abolished because death penalty should keep them behind bars to clear their own mind of what bad thing they did. Death penalty is wasting their own time for killing people. I’m going pro on the death penalty to be abolished, but what is other people view point on a pro or con. My counterargument is going for pro of the death penalty should be abolished. First, execution people isn’t the answer for stopping the violence around the world. According to Death Penalty Information Center, the most execution in a death penalty is in 1999 about 98 imprison, also all execution since 1976 about 1,435 people executed. This is bad of how many people executions since 1976 because they don’t know what they do for the bad crime. Second, people who running the death penalty are spending too much money for their death penalty facilities. According to Death Penalty Information Center in California, they spend in total $4 billion for the death penalty since 1978. It short to $1.94 billion in pre-trail and trail costs, $925 million in automatic appeals and state habeas corpus petitions, $775 million in federal habeas corpus appeals, and $1 billion in cost of incarceration result as, immediate of saving $170 millions per year. Finally, racial discrimination in the death penalty because more race than the other race in the death penalty. According to Death Penalty Information, more than 77% of white vs…

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